Top party foods of all time in Australia


Top party foods of all time in Australia


Party is a celebration and gathering of people who have been invited by the host or who conducting the party. Party is a social event that consists of eating, drinking, fun programs, dancing, playing, etc,. Special foods make the party’s more special with its unique taste and flavors. Party food menus will vary according to their region and tradition. Here are some Australian party food menus



Mini mushroom burgers:

Mini mushroom burgers are a special dish in which onion, cherry tomato, red capsicum, and mushroom toasted in olive oil and a slice of cheese is stuffed inside a wheat bun with a dip of tomato sauce is served. It is the children’s party food.



Cocktail meatballs:

Meatballs have a separate fan base in parties. Meatballs are made using chicken/mutton, finely chopped garlic, coriander, vinegar are mixed and fried. It will be served with sweet chili dipping sauce and a piece of lemon.



Australian pea salad:

Australian peas salad is one of the famous and healthy dishes in Australia. It is one of the easiest salad to prepare within few minutes. Take the boiled green peas in a bowl mix it with red pepper, yogurt, mustard, a pinch of salt, pepper, and stir the combined ingredients to squeeze the lemon and sprinkle the coriander leaf to add some flavor to the dish. This dish contains a lot of vitamins, calcium, fiber etc,.



Main dishes:

Chicken parmigiana:

It is one of the most common food you all will find in Australia though it is not particularly Australian Dish. Main Incident in chicken parma is chicken it will be topped with cheese, tomato sauce. It will available in lots of pubs in Australia.



Fish Batter:

Fresh fish will be marinated with a special ingredient and cornflour, baking powder with some extra flavor with the addition of garlic, paprika, and a pinch of table salt. The fish batter will be served with white mayonnaise and tomato sauce.



Chicken Pesto & Rocket Spaghettini:

This pasta party dish will be family favorite dish it will take only 15 – 2- minutes to cook this tasty food. It will be the main ingredient in most of the party all age group people will like the taste with the chicken strips served with lemon wedges.




Meat piroshki is a classic Russian cuisine dish. It is the party finger food. Meat piroshki will be soft dough with many different fillings like meat, port, beef or potatoes, and some times savory fillings like apples, strawberry, and many more fruits.



Aussie meat pie:

It is one of the famous food in Australia it mostly does not contain beef in it. Meat pies are made using goat, cattle, deer, pig, camel meat can be used to prepare it. It is healthy food and it will be baked for about 50 minutes until the dish turns to a golden brown.





Lamingtons is a National cake of Australia. It will be a square-shaped sponge topped with coconut and made with chocolate. It usually consists of two layers one is jam and a cream layer. It is first served in Toowoomba. 





In 1926 Australia name the dish pavlova it is the most traditional dessert in and around Australia. Pavlova is the National desert of Australia. It is a meringue dessert with a crisp crust and soft, light inside, usually topped with fruit and whipped cream. It is the most favorite dessert in Australia.



Neenish Tart:

Neenish tart is an Australian and NewZealand dish. It is a sweet pastry shell with a custard-like filling with multi-colored chocolate one is white and brown or brown and pink topped it will be found in all areas in Australia.




Famous Australian drinks and beverages should surprise your taste buds at least once in a lifetime. Here are some drinks


* Bundaberg Ginger Beer

* Espresso Martini

* Archie Rose

* Jagerbombs

* Bundaberg Rum



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