Who We Are


Natural Panaa is an idea that came as a solution to one of the most dangerous issues the world is facing today – Plastic pollution.

Natural Panaa is a social enterprise and a seller of palm leaf products. It provides a much-needed replacement for plastic disposables in Australia. They have chosen to do so in a way that is sustainable for the environment and for communities by providing food related industries. In order for us to replace or reduce the use of plastic and foam products in food packaging and storage, our products are sourced, aggregated and marketed from small scale and home-based industries in India. By being an aggregator, we are able to provide fair pricing to the manufacturers in India and consumers in Australia.

Natural Panaa currently caters to Australia and sells palm leaf-based tableware, such as plates and cutlery. They will be expanding to other sustainable areca palm products of areca in the near future.


The founders of Natural Panaa are Premjith Herman and Misha Ahmed. It was Premjith and Misha’s passion for sustainability and their desire to protect the environment that led to the creation of Natural Panaa, which was founded in 2018. The idea came to them, in the hope to provide part of the solution to one of the many environmental issues the world is facing today: plastic pollution.

Natural Panaa makes its outdoor tableware products through an eco-conscious company in India called Paale and Panai. P&P has a small team of 13 employees, providing equal wages and equal rights to the men and women that work there. P&P also employs a group of local farmers who collect the fallen areca leaves and get paid for each leaf they supply. Usually, these farmers would burn the leaves which would cause environmental pollution, but instead, they sell their leaves to Paale and Panai and the extra income they receive then provides better living conditions for the farmers and their families.

Natural Panaa’s goal is to make products that are available globally and are affordable to everyone, without ever compromising the premium quality of its products. By using Natural Panaa’s picnicware products, Premjith and Misha are excited to offer customers a way for them to care about the environment. They are committed to providing products that are 100% compostable, using environmentally conscious business practices.

Premjith and Misha live in Sydney with their two children, Yohan and Reyah. They were migrants from India and are now citizens of Australia.


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