World environment day 2020 | How to celebrate at home


World environment day 2020 | How to celebrate at home


World environment day 2020 | How to celebrate at home


Consistently, World Environmental Day (WED) is celebrated worldwide on 5th June every year. It was established by the UN General Assembly in the year 1972. On the first day of the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment. Later in 1974, the first WE day was held on theme name “One earth”. To make life more positive WED was established to bring some good changes to the Environment. It has been started to bring awareness among people about environmental issues and its effects on nature. Do we ever stop to think about how the best things in life are free: trees that give shade and oxygen, foods grown from the ground; blossoms and butterflies that offer excellence to life and play out the significant capacity of re-fertilization and new vegetation? Likewise shouldn’t something be said about the very air we inhale and the nurturing waterways of planet earth?



The Wed campaign aims to motivate the people through various activities taken by the government and to focus on the condition and situation of the environment to prevent them from our safe future. The compelling force of nature is genuinely the most abundant Mother on Earth: would we say we are abusing her or thinking about her affectionately? An Earth Anthem by writer Abhay K celebrated (on World Environment Day 2013) the wonders and ponders of Planet Earth, in this manner: “Our infinite desert spring, inestimable blue pearl, the most excellent planet in the Universe”, including “just for one.


This day is commended to raise worldwide mindfulness about the importance of a solid domain and settle different natural issues. This is finished by executing different activities to secure nature and the earth, in this manner prompting a positive and sound condition for all. World Environment Day, run by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) is an event to consider how we are mind-boggling some portion of nature. And furthermore how personally and unequivocally we rely upon it for endurance.


5 Green DIY tips for your home to celebrate the environment day:

1. Put a bowl of water with a couple of lemon wedges in the microwave and run it for 2 minutes, to clean and aerate.

2. Include a couple of drops of your top choice (tea tree or lavender) fundamental oil: for a tweaked cleaning arrangement.

3. Turn your old tees, towels, or family unit material into dusters or mops.

4. Pour a cup of vinegar in the kitchen sink. Let it remain for an hour and afterward unplug it and dump cold water to unclog it.

5. The juice of a lime/lemon, with a sprinkling of salt will normally spotless and purify it.


Things to do in Environment Day at Home

1. Switch off the TV Set and every single superfluous light just before World Environment Day.

2. Have a container shower, rather than a shower and save water.

3. Fix flawed taps and close the tap while shaving or brushing.

4. Reuse water you wash veggies into the water for the plants.

5. Cook simply enough food: maintain a strategic distance from wastage.

6. Reuse old tees as cleaning material.

7. Try not to abuse workstations, PCs, and mobiles to inactively peruse.

8. Plant a tree. Blessing a sapling.

9. Try not to waste and discard food: you can generally top off your plate.

10. Utilize green, eco-accommodating items as opposed to brutal synthetic substances at home.


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We live a healthy life because of our clean environment, and it’s a time to respect our environment, to care for ourselves we should care for nature.


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