How to educate your child about coronavirus


How to educate your child about coronavirus


Coronavirus is a deadly pandemic disease spreading among peoples rapidly it is first identified in Wuhan, China. Coronavirus disease is also called as COVID-19, co stands for corona vi stands for virus and this disease is found in 2019. It affects our respiratory system in the initial stage. Coronavirus has recently been identified as an epidemic and has been spreading continuously every minute. Many country are striving hard to stop the virus spread among people and many actions and awareness are created among people by the government.


In this pandemic situation, every parent should teach and protect their children from novel coronavirus. Parents have a lot of responsibility to take care of their work and their children’s health in this epidemic. Coronavirus is a serious health concern all around the world from November 2019 to till now.


Educate your child about the virus:

Most of the children are wearing masks and gloves nowadays due to parent’s compulsion but their parents are failed to educate their children about the virus. It is mandatory to explain to your children about the Coronavirus positively without threatening them and make sure they understand the concept. Try to explain like a story so that children will understand it very quickly. Tell your child to wear a mask, gloves, and hand wash regularly and its use. Teach them to dispose of the face mask after it is used and to cover their mouth with a handkerchief or with their elbow when they have sneeze or cough. Teach them to use only natural products rather than harmful products. Don’t allow your child to play with a group of peoples to maintain social distancing and teach them not to touch their ears, mouth, nose without washing hands with soap for a minimum of 20 seconds.



Some ways to avoid infections:

1. Washing hands frequently with soap:

Tell your children to wash their hands with soap properly if not help them in washing the hands for 20 seconds at least.

2. Maintain social distancing and avoid close contact:

Children used to play a lot with other children to teach them to keep some distance while playing with others.

3. Use tissue or kerchief:

Educate your child to use tissue and kerchief while they sneeze or cough and tell them to dispose of them instantly.

4. Wear Face mask and gloves:

The use of gloves and masks has to be definitely taught to children and its uses.

5. Drink warm water often:

Drinking warm helps in improve in ways and this habit has to be taught to each child.

6. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer:

Parents should be very careful while giving hand sanitizer to their children’s hands and it should be washed immediately after the use.



Symptoms of Coronavirus:

Covid-19 is a deadly disease than normal seasonal flu. The count of positive cases is rapidly increasing day by day. Here are some symptoms of coronavirus

– Fever

– Cough

– Headache

– Fatigue

– Throat pain

– Loss of taste

– Runny nose

– Body aches

– Difficulty in breathing


What food to be taken:

Healthy foods and fruits which contain rich vitamin c, protein, and zinc are good to consume. Fruits like

* Orange

* Gooseberry (Amla)

* Lemon

* Avacoda



What not to be consumed:

– Cool drinks (Carbonated Beverages)

– Icecreams

frozen items have a heavy risk to caught coronavirus those items have to avoid in the pandemic.


Parents Responsibility:

As parents keep your room clean and clear with antibacterial floor wash. Feed your children healthy and hygiene foods with warm water and make sure the vegetables and your hands are washed well before cooking. Wear them a clean dress to ensure children’s safety. Eat all antibacterial foods, vegetables, and fruits. Children will try to replicate your behavior so you should also maintain all the instructions before teaching to your lovely children. Let’s all fight against Coronavirus to protect the country from danger.


To get rid of the deadly virus people should obey the orders of government and they should eat foods to increase their immune system to fight against novel coronavirus.



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