Tips to follow in restaurant for Coronavirus


Tips to follow in restaurant for Coronavirus


World countries are fighting against coronavirus to protect their people from a deadly disease and many steps and activities have been taken to stop the spread. Australia is one of the best countries to stop the coronavirus spread gradually day by day Australia is emerging slowly. There are 7,274 corona cases os far and 6,740 patients got recovered. Only 432 patients are getting treatment in the hospital. This is happened due to lockdown restrictions by the government and peoples support to it. There are some restrictions for hotels, restaurants, pubs in Australia to control the COVID-19 spread among people.



Restrictions are imposed in all states of Australia according to the situation in the state for coronavirus.


Restaurant Restriction:


All restaurants, pubs, cafes, clubs are opened and only 20 patrons can be allowed at one time each patron will be seated following social distancing. From the announcement, 100 patrons can be allowed from July 10.



In NSW 50 patrons can be allowed to dine in the restaurant, cafe, bistro, etc,. Only one person for four square meters. Only 20 guests are allowed for a wedding in a hotel through pre-booking. All diners have to submit their proofs for verification.


Western Australia:

Western Australia Allow 20 diners the same as Queensland in a Restaurant, pub, bars, hotel. The government may increase the number of diners in July.



There are more restrictions in victoria many food courts are allowed to offer takeaway and delivery. Restaurants, pubs, hotels are opened in some areas with only 20 patrons at the time each with 1.5 – 2-meter distance between each table. Many management is gettings names, addresses, and phone numbers for contact tracing.



Tasmania allows only 10 people at a time in restaurants, hotels, pubs. Social distancing will be maintained inside all hotels of about 2 meters spacing. Most probably the count will be increased in the future.


South Australia:

South Australia allows a maximum of 80 diners are allowed in bars, pubs, hotels, restaurants, cafes. In bars, 15 people can be allowed in a separate room with each waiter per table but social distance has to be followed.


What chef has to do before cooking:

Chef has to wash the vessel or pan in boiled water and vegetable and fruits has to be washed using turmeric or with other antibacterial substance. Before starting to cook chef has to wash their hands well in soap water. Hands should be washed after they have contact with any part of the body. Mask and cap are mandatory and the hygiene environment should be maintained inside the kitchen.


What a waiter has to follow:

The waiter is the one who serves food to the diners. The waiter has to wear gloves and a mask. Cloves have to be disposed of after a serving and they have to wash or sanitize their hand very often. Food has to be covered before serving with warm water.


Management’s Duty:

Management is responsible for their workers so they have to provide proper protection kits, masks, gloves, and sanitizer to every employee. Make sure they all are following it properly. For dining, only one person per square table should be allowed to dine and warm water has to be served. Before allowing the diners inside their hotel, restaurant, bar, or pubs they have to sanitize every customer. Hygiene and a clean environment should be maintained inside and outside their hotel.


The government has imposed a plethora of restrictions and laws all over the world. As a citizen, we have to follow the rules and we are responsible for each life. The best suggestion is to takeaway than dining in the hotel. After getting your food from the hotel change the food to another plate and dispose of the parcel container after that wash your hands before eating it. It is recommended to drink warm water with your food. Stay safe and healthy to kill the virus as soon as possible in the world.



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