Top 6 Facts of Areca Palm Leaf Plate


Top 6 Facts of Areca Palm Leaf Plate


Areca palm tree has a lot of resources in it. Most of the plates and cups are made up of fallen leaves of the Areca palm tree. It has various amazing facts and several pieces of information in the Areca palm tree:


Tons and tons of plates are manufactured everyday most of the plates are made up of plastic it will not be used in the microwave. Plastic will get melted if we kept inside the microwave. Areca plates are one which we can use in the microwave. Most of the countries started using Areca plates for baking foods. Because microwave plates are too costly and it will be heavy to carry. Whereas, Areca plates will be very thin and strong and lightweight to carry. Areca leaf plates are microwaveable and can be used at any temperature taste of the food will not change if we use areca plates.


Areca plate has a nature to serve any food in it. Areca plates are strong enuff to carry any food if we serve hot food like pizza, noodles, pasta, meal etc, areca plates will not reflect the heat in the bottom it will convenient to carry. For cold foods like desserts, cake, etc, also can be served in it. Areca plates are durable and strong to use.


Earth is surviving a lot due to non-biodegradable substances like rubber, plastic, metals, toxic, etc., These products can be available at very low cost but its impact is very large which we cannot imagine. Only Natural products can keep Nature as it is. Areca leaf plates are 100% biodegradable and compostable. Sometimes used areca leaf plates will be used as manure to grow plants and trees.


The major cause of pollution is due to Anti-Environmental products like Plastic etc., This can be stopped using natural plates. Every year pollution is increasing rapidly due to the single-use of plastic. Plastic has become the main concern behind the destruction of our Ecosystem, Global warming, and Marine Life. These Problems can be neglected by choosing Eco-friendly Plates like evergreen areca plates.


wooden plated are made from cut trees though it is biodegradable it is made from cutting our

natural resources and cause several impact and detrimental effects to the society. Areca disposable plates are made up of fallen leaves and no trees are harmed in the entire manufacturing process. Areca leaf plates should be used to save our natural resources from danger. These disposable palm leaves are “Natures Gift” to us and it will de a better Replacement for Anti-Environmental products.


Most of the disposable plates like coated with chemical or wax coating to attract people by its looks and to prevent leakage. Areca leaf plates are chemical-free and no harmful coated layer in it. Biodegradable areca palm leaf PlatesEco friendly party plates

will be made from natural and delivered as it is without chemicals, binders, wax, and glue. It is is the most important reason for you to use the Natural plates.


To save the environment from disaster every one should start using Eco-friendly products rather than anti-environmental products like plastic etc. We should find a best alternative for plastic and the best choice is Natural products and natural plates. It also helps to improve our health without getting any disease and also maintain a clean and pollution free environment.


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