Plastic Free July


Plastic Free July


As we all know the harmful nature of Plastic to the environment and all living organisms. But the amount of plastic use is increasing day by day in our day to day life. Plastic-free July is a month to create awareness to the people and to educate them about the cause and effects of plastic. The month is also called plastic-free July. Single-use plastic products occupy a large space in the world it is very hard to eliminate 100% of those products from the society. But we can start reducing single-use plastic from this July onwards.

Tons of plastic are thrown after the use and only very few amounts of it will be recycled hopefully. Some of the most used Single-use plastic are Spoon, straw, plates, water bottles, and much more especially in the food industry. All these products should be stopped and the best alternatives for these products will be used like Areca plates and all other natural products.


History of Plastic Free July:

In 2011, western Australia started the campaign with very few numbers of participants then the holiday idea has grown into its independence. Over 130 to 150 countries will be participating in the event. The event aims to educate the people about the environmental issue and creating awareness about the consequence of hurting our environment. Later social media campaign was started in 2016 by the people.

Plastic-free July is all about encouraging people to start using natural products rather than plastic products. People can participate in this holiday by avoiding all products that have plastic in them throughout the whole month of July. By avoiding the use of plastic the whole month environmentalist believes that small differences can be seen.


Plastic-free July challenge:

Everyone can participate in this plastic-free July challenge by not using plastic for the whole month and they also can nominate their friends and family to do the same. The challenge should be taken positively and to encourage the co-participants. Every plastic product has to be stopped from moving teacup to the dinner plate. For shopping, we should have reusable shopping bags and vegetables and fruits should be stored in a wooden or ceramic container. Speak with your friends and family about your idea to stop the use of plastic. Some people will post on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all other social media platforms by mentioning #plasticfreejuly by tagging the post to their friends to do the same to spread the challenges.

By creating a global network, social media participants can connect with other groups working on the issue, and can learn some new ideas from each other and utilize and share resources. This challenge helps to spread positivity among the people and also help to gid rid of Anti environment products.

The main aim of the challenge is to give up

* Avoid Single-use plastic products

* Appreciating Natural products

* Going Eco-friendly

* Go completely plastic-free


3 Tips to avoid plastic Products use:

Plastic products are used all over the world some people are using plastic without knowing its deadly nature to the environment. Here are some tips to avoid plastic products and best alternatives to the plastic are

Eco-friendly plates or Cutlery:

The use of plastic plates and plastic cutlery are mostly seen in parties and picnics those products should be avoided. Because It will be staggered after use. People who love nature will always recommend their friend to use disposable cutlery and Eco-plates. Eco-friendly plates are made up of fallen Areca Plam leaves, wood, etc,. It is natural and renewable. After using the areca plate it can be used as fertilizer too.


Use stainless steel or Glass bootles:

Single-use plastic bottles are available all around the world. We will use it only till the water gets over and we will just throw it somewhere. Rather using Plastic bottles we should buy a glass or stainless steel bottle which will have the long run and improves our health and they are durable. It does not have any chemical coating around it and it is sustainable.


Use Reusable bags instead of plastic bag:

Plastic bags can be seen everywhere in the land and ocean and we all have used plastic carry bags while shopping. After using it we just throw it on the ground perhaps it will cause a huge impact on earth for several years. Now, most shopping malls and supermarkets are providing reusable bags for their customers this is one of the best initiatives. We should have bags made up of cotton, leather, jute, etc in our hand while going shopping.


People have to think about nature while buying plastic products for their use. Plastic-free July is a good initiative to spread awareness to the people but as a citizen to their country, each one us has to take the challenge throughout their life till the use of plastic has stopped world wide. To keep the environment clean and clear.



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