Seven Ideas For Repurposing Used Items


Seven Ideas For Repurposing Used Items


Repurposing is one of the best ideas the used items will be modified for creative use. So, repurposing your old products will reduce waste. Here are some ideas for Repurposing old products or items.

Used Alcohol bottle as pendant lamps:

If you have a used glass bottle in your home, don’t throw the bottle away. Cut the bottom portion of your bottle, give an electric connection, and insert a bulb in it. Hang it in your dining room you will have a restaurant feel in your dining room.

Vintage suitcase as wall shelf:

Do you have an old suitcase at your home? This idea is for you! You can modify your vintage suitcase as a wall shelf by using cardboard you can divide the storage space. It helps you to store small products in it.

Old Tv as a fish tank:

convert your used Tv into the fish tank and locate that in your living room. It gives attracts and looks cool.

Cycle wheel into clock:

the clock is the mandatory thing in every house. The creative clock is very expensive but you can create your own by using your cycle wheel and a motor. Modify the Wheel as per your creative thoughts. Your clock looks cool.

Used T-shirt into face mask:

In this pandemic situation, the mask is very mandatory for all to safeguard urself from the Coronavirus. Convert your old T-shirt in to face mask as per your size.

Bathtub into a sofa:

If your bathtub got damaged do not throw your bath perhaps, upcycle it as a sofa by covering it with cotton or wool.

Planting in water bottles:

Landfill waste is playing a detrimental role rather use those products to purify the air by plants. Cut the water bottle into two halves horizontally fill with sand and plant a seed and water it. You can hang the bottle or place it inland.

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