Victoria lockdown stage 4


Victoria lockdown stage 4


Stage four restrictions are imposed across various Metropolitan cities across Australia Victoria and Melbourne lockdown following stage three restriction. New Covid-19 cases are increasing day by day so some new rules are implemented in states of Australia.

The stage four restrictions run from 2nd August 2020 will last for 42 days till 13th September 2020. Unlike stage three, there is no curfew between 8 pm to 5 am. Peoples allowed to visit only a 5 km radius from their house.

New Restrictions:

who can leave their house?

people should leave their houses only for four reasons.

  • Shopping for essential items and foods.
  • Care and caregiving
  • Hospitals
  • Daily exercise and work.

Employees can support their company by working from home.

One can also leave home for caregiving, babysitting, medical emergency, blood donation, if the violation happened one should visit a police station or court, medical emergency, taking care of senior citizens.

Face mask mandatory?

Yes, face mask is mandatory for all whenever leaving their house. Andrews said “common sense” would guide how the new rules are enforced. People who disobey the government rules will be punished with a $200 fine.

Dinning at restaurants allowed?

No. Restaurants, cafes, and hotels will only be able to provide them as takeaway and delivery businesses. Pubs, bars, clubs will be closed and takeaway is allowed.

School Restrictions:

Students of 11th and 12th along with all other students, will return to remote learning from 5th August across Victoria, except for children of permitted workers and vulnerable children. Kindergarten and childcare will be closed.

Shops be opened?

Department stores, shopping centers, markets, and other essential shops remain open but the customer should main social distancing of about 1.5m between each other. Other industries will be closed from August 3 Monday.

Rules for wedding, funeral or religious gathering:

Religious services will be telecasted online. Weddings and marriage functions will no longer be permitted from 6th August, while the limit will be 10 people at funerals.

Motor restrictions:

only one person per bike is allowed to travel with face mask and helmet and only two per car is allowed to sit other than the driver.

If people did not obey the rules police can issue spot fines of up to $1,652 per individual and up to $9,913 to businesses and shops.

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