15 Eco-Friendly Products You Can Buy Today to Help Stop Plastic Pollution


15 Eco-Friendly Products You Can Buy Today to Help Stop Plastic Pollution


These 20 Eco-friendly Products will stop Pollution and especially Plastic pollutions. The Eco-friendly products are

1. Eco-friendly Plates:

Plastic use and throw plates are used for all parties and special occasions without knowing its harmful nature. Eco-friendly plates made up of Wood, Areca leaf plate are the best choice. It reduces plastic pollutions and could not cause any health issues.

2. Phone back case made of wood:

The phone back case made up of waste wood more eco-friendly. It reduces plastic use and keeps the phone safe from damages even if its dropdown. It also gives a good look and grip to the user.

3.Compostable Bowls:

Compostable bowls help to serve dessert food and snacks to the quest. It can be disposed of very easily and environmentally friendly too.

4. Eco Mask:

The washable, Reusable and recyclable mask made up of cloth used to control the Covid-19 spread in this pandemic situation. Eco-mask also personal protective equipment (PPE) advised for all to wear when they come out for work.

5. Cloth Eco-Friendly Diapers:

Most Diapers have got some amount of plastic in it. Cloth diapers save a lot of money and will not cause any infections to children. Cloth Eco-friendly diapers are washable and reusable.

6. Biodegradable cutlery:

Marriage, party, Picnic, school lunch, Office lunch produce more plastic cutlery waste. The cutlery products made up of wood and birchwood are Eco-friendly and look great too.

7. Organic towel:

Organic towels made up of cotton are soo soft and can be used for a very long time. Cotton is grown in organic and traditional farming methods those towels are best for children’s and adults’ skin.

8. Jute baskets:

Jute is a strong eco-friendly material that are made of zero plastic. Jute baskets can be used instead of plastic bags for shopping.

9. Reusable kitchen cloth wipes:

The kitchen cloth is an essential one in everyone’s kitchen. Reusable cloth helps to wipes the dirty in kitchen waste. It also saves some money.

10. Natural Toothpaste:

Now, most of the toothpaste are supplied in plastic tubes and wrappers. In olden days people used to brush their teeth without toothpaste by using only natural or herb sticks. Avoid chemical toothpaste.

11. Clay pots:

clay pots remain nutrition which is not seen in steel products and aluminum products. It neutralizes the pH balance eventually. It is available at a very low cost and the best choice for your green kitchen.

12. Stainless steel lunch box:

Children like plastic Tiffen boxed due to its attractive color but when you serve hot foods in it the chemical coating will be mixed into food and cause detrimental effects. Stainless steel tiffin boxes are the best deal and we can serve hot and cool foods in it.

13. Organic beauty products:

Every product is made from chemicals, artificial colors, etc. There are many certified organic cosmetics company are selling 100% pure products with natural added colors it will be are a great choice.

14. Reusable Sanitary napkins:

Sanitary napkins are an essential product in every women’s life. An average woman disposes of a minimum of 150kg of the napkin in her lifetime. Reusable napkins are safe and best alternatives for conventional sanitary napkins.

15. Eco-friendly Dresses:

Dress manufactures are much aware of our environmental impact and manufacturing dress accordingly. Eco-fashion clothes are made up of using organic raw materials cotton grown organically, and silk made by worms.

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