Top reasons to choose Areca leaf plates than Plastic


Top reasons to choose Areca leaf plates than Plastic


Top reasons to choose areca leaf plates than plastic

Areca Leaf plate is made from fallen leaves they are bio-degradable and 100% Natural. Areca leaf plate can be the best solution to protect our nature from Plastic pollution and it will be the best alternative for the plastic plates. Hence it is made from a natural source it will not leave any pollutant to the environment. These disposable palm leaves are “Natures Gift” to us and it will de a better Replacement for Anti-Environmental products. Here are the top reasons to choose Areca leaf products than plastic!



Being Environmental-friendly will prevent our environment from Harmful activities. Eco-friendly dinner tableware is also a part of it. It has a positive impact on nature rather than harming it and easily compostable and bio-degradable. Environmental-friendly products also prevent contribution to air, water, and land pollution.


2.No Chemical:

Many products are made up of some amount of added chemicals in it to keep that product last longer and for attractive outlook. Areca leaf plate is free from chemicals, glue, and binders. There is no extra coating applied to the plate while manufacturing Process. We deliver nature is delivered as it is. So it is the key most reason to serve food in the Areca plate.


3.Microwave and Ovenproof:

Microwave products are expensive and very heavy to carry. Areca leaf plate is made from palm leaf it will be strong and easily use for oven. No chemical will be absorbed from the plate. Areca is odorless and tasteless and so do not affect the taste of the food.



The major cause of pollution is due to Anti-Environmental products like Plastic etc., Every year pollution is increasing rapidly due to the single-use of plastic. Plastic has become the main concern behind the destruction of our Ecosystem, Global warming, and Marine Life. These Problems can be neglected by choosing Eco-friendly products.




Composting increases the nutrients to the soil. The process of composting requires making a heap of wet organic material such as leaf, food scraps, etc., It encourages the growth of beneficial fungi and bacteria. Natural composting reduces the need for chemical fertilizers. It enrich the growth of plants and trees grow. It is good for the environment.


Eventually, We should think Twice or even trice before buying a product and also know its detrimental effects to the nature. Areca leaf products will the best alternative to Plastic. If you wish to go green! Visit to check the vast collections of Eco-friendly products.


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