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Natural Panaa is an idea that came as a solution to one of the most dangerous issues the world is facing today – Plastic pollution.

Natural Panaa is a social enterprise, an aggregator and seller of palm leaf products that will replace plastic disposables in Australia. It chooses to do so in a way that is sustainable for the environment and the communities by enabling food related industries. To replace or reduce use of plastic and foam products in food packaging and storage. The products are sourced, aggregated and marketed from small scale and home based industries in India and being an aggregator. We are able to provide fair pricing to the manufacturers in India and consumers in Australia.

Natural Panaa currently caters to Australia and sells palm leaf based plates and cutlery. We will be expanding to other products of areca palm in the near future.


Your Makers

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Chitharanjan KR

Chitharanjan worked as a manager in Mangalore city for a while before he came back home and setup his six machine assembly for a small sized unit. He spent time in workshops, training programs and understanding the machinery. So, he could fully benefit from using the best technology in the market. He lives in a joint family with his mother, grandparents, brother, wife and children. The venture was successful and the local market has given him enough exposure, for his dream of investing in the international market. But his business had to take a stop when his ailing mother was hospitalised and he had to tend to her care.

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Harish K

Harish is the younger son of four children. His father passed away when he was young and he worked on the farm. He is now married and the couple have a beautiful girl child, with a dotting grandmother. Following the child and taking care of her. Harish took up the opportunity of investing and working with the by-product of Areca leaves since they always ended up as mulch. The opportunity was available when many other locals were trying to invest, build and grow with areca leaf plate. The production opportunity to make money with a waste product from their own farm. They currently use raw material from other farms. As well because of growing orders for more plates and running out of raw material in their own farm.

Harish took a loan to set up his five machine workshop that is located right next to his house and offers a view into the vast areca nut plantation. As the afternoon shift slows down and the employees take a break his wife serves them with tea she prepared at home. He largely manufactures for local vendors and aggregators who buy and sort the plates for local and international markets.

The employees at Harish’s unit also work on the farm and harvest the leaves. So their jobs aren’t seasonal and they are employed throughout the year but their wages vary based on the task they are performing. The employees also take turns in working on the farm, harvesting areca nuts, their leaves and manufacturing the plates. Harish now wants to expand his business by setting up more machines to increase production of plates. The earning for his business has increased so much it can offer comfortable cushion even if his harvest fails.

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