Why Areca leaf plate called a pizza plate


Why Areca leaf plate called a pizza plate


The basic needs in human life is water, food, shelter, clothing, and job. The most important things are food and good health it can be maintained by a healthy or organic foods or healthy products which we used to cook, eat and use in day to day life. In the olden days, people’s food consumption will be very healthy without any chemical components added during cultivation or harmful substances added they used to eat naturally in natural areca leaf or banana leaf, etc



Pizza is an Italian dish made using a wheat base which will be usually round topped with several ingredients like veggies, capsicum, olives, tomatoes, cheese etc, baked in high temperature traditionally in a wood fire oven. In ancient days they used to serve pizza in fresh or fallen leaves to make the dish more special.



Later areca leaf plates are made from fallen leaves with several designs and shapes like square, circular, rectangle. Areca leaf plates are also microwavable. Areca plates sizes are usually printed as 18cm and 25cm pizza shops decided to serve pizza in the areca plate due to its durability and the larger size. Perhaps, Areca leaf plates called a pizza plate. Areca leaf plate is one of the best biodegradable pizza plate available all around the world.



Areca leaf products are truly Eco-friendly. It is the most economical pizza plate without any side effects to consumers. Areca plate can be used in microwave at any temperature.


Main advantages of Areca pizza plates are:

* 100% natural.

* very strong and durable.

* Sustainable and Non-toxic.

* Used in microwave.

* No colour and chemical coating.

* Earth-friendly.

* Available in different sizes.


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