Which Australian States Are Banning Single-Use Plastics?


Which Australian States Are Banning Single-Use Plastics?



The awareness around the globe about pollution and its hazards has increased tremendously. This world is not a dumping yard, where over the last century, the use of disposable items, one-time usable materials are on the rise causing enormous damage. When the non-biodegradable materials fill the planet, it will create hard repercussions, which are very hard to reverse back to normalcy. The Australian government has also taken stringent measures and has prohibited to use of almost eight types of “problematic and unnecessary” single-use plastics. Their goal is that, by 2023, the country would be taking progressive measures to reduce carbon footprints, landfills, and pollution.


Commencing from 1st September 2021, there would be a severe ban on single-use plastic cutleries, containers, bowls, and plates. Various articles like “straws, stirrers, spoons, forks, knives, splayds and chopsticks” are to be strictly omitted.

South Australia:

Starting from 1st March 2021, Cutleries made of single-use plastics, which includes “straws, stirrers, spoons, forks, knives, splayds, and chopsticks” are omitted which causes landfills, and when dumped cause serious environmental hazards.


The capital city of Australia would go on the ban of Single-use Plastic Cutleries and Containers from 1st July 2021. They have successfully worked on a framework, which would be effective towards progressive phasing out single-use plastics.

New South Wales:

The government has enforced retailers to voluntarily stop providing free bags and cutleries to customers. As of now, there has not been a strict implementation of single-use plastics. In the near future, based on the recommendations of government officials, there could be some implementations on the single-use plastic ban.

Northern Territory:

Currently, the government has not implemented any such bans, but would strongly initiate the vendors to reduce single-use plastic bowls and plates, along with single-use containers.

Western Australia:

Various products like single-use plastic cutleries, thick plastic bags. polystyrene food containers. Helium Balloon releases are to be strictly avoided here. They have started the task of phasing out from 2020 and would bring a complete implementation during 2023.


The state government has been taking measures to reduce plastics, but still has not implemented a stringent law against single-use plastics. The plastic ban in Australia is a welcoming change, where the cooperation between the government and the public is tremendous.


This state is yet to implement the ban on Single-use plastic bowls and plates in full swing. Single-use plastic cutleries, containers, oxo-degradable plastics, and cotton bud sticks are some of those items on the priority list. There might be a few more additions to the list, based on the recommendations from the government officials.


The Government’s ban on single-use plastic cutlery in Australia is taking a whole new dimension. Across the globe, various enthusiasts and environmental activists are trying to make a great impact by educating the government, people, and organizations about the hazards, and bringing a sustainable change in the environment. Alternatively, using biodegradable plastics, along with eco-friendly products may reduce the negative impacts on the environment. The new propaganda for the world would be to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

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