Shop all kind of Natural tableware products in one platform


Shop all kind of Natural tableware products in one platform


For all your Natural tableware related question?… The Answer is one…… NATURALPANAA!

To make your shopping more efficient and effective. We’ve put together a list of different products to link you to local stores. We have more than 20 Varieties of plates, cutlery different natural materials. This will help you find more eco-friendly choices to make your shopping more successful.

You can shop for any type of natural product and this will be the best place for natural product lovers. All the products that we have a unique style, and shape. We manufacture all products in house with special care and in a hygiene environment. Our only intention is to make our environment clean and clear.

By gathering our lovable consumer feedback, we develop more confidence and will power that will we serve more and natural products that will not harm our environment and living beings. Our products can be reusable and easily decomposable in nature.

Customers may get their goods at a cheaper cost. We have two services, one of which is that you can buy online or you can get items straight from the shop. You’re receiving the goods at the same cost without any hidden charges. Just the shipping costs will be applied to the online buyers.


          We provide free shipping for order value above $100 code (SHIPFREE) for other orders minimum amount will be charged. NATURAL PANAA is going to be the best place to shop for all your Natural tableware product needs no matter what!

           NATURAL PANAA deliver products to all special occasions like wedding, birthday party, gettogether, picnics, cooperate meetings and even deliver to restaurants, hotels, bakery, and pizza shops, etc. It will be a massive platform for shopaholics and consumers who are in search of the latest Eco-friendly items in Australia.

Our products:

 1) Areca palm Leaf:-

    – Plate (Square, Circular, Rectangular).

    –  Bowl.

– Tray

 2) Birchwood cutlery (spoon, fork, knife).

 3) Bamboo dinnerware set.

 4) Party pack.


To get the right Product as you expected visit You are going to have the Eco-friendly world of shopping before you.


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