Disposable Small Snack Plates – 15cm Round Flat Plate


Why use unsustainable paper or plastic plates when you can serve food using our sustainable and compostable alternatives? Ours are sturdy, simply designed, and incredibly stylish. Made from all natural areca leaves, our disposable small snack plates are eco-friendly and biodegradable. Say goodbye to dirty dishes and hello to our earth-friendly plates. Areca leaf plates are widely known as bamboo plates and ours are kind to the planet.

15cm round flat plate 

Contains 50 plates per pack or 100 plates per box


Premium quality disposable small snack plates, biodegradable, 100% compostable areca leaf plates | Eco friendly, 100% disposable plates for weddings, house parties, catering services| Naturally biodegradable

Order your areca leaf plates for your party. Replace plastic plates and plastic cups with a sustainable alternative.

Areca palm leaf plates are


Non toxic



Environmentally friendly

Suitable dinnerware for

House parties

Corporate events

Catering purposes

Each pack contains 50 plates per pack or 100 plates per box



In today’s world, sustainability and environmental consciousness are becoming increasingly important. As we strive to reduce our carbon footprint, even small changes in our daily habits can make a significant impact. One such change is switching to compostable plates, which offer a sustainable alternative to traditional disposable plates. In this article, we will explore the benefits and features of compostable plates and why they are an excellent choice for eco-conscious individuals. Let’s dive in!

What are Compostable Plates?

Compostable plates are a type of disposable tableware made from natural materials such as sugarcane bagasse, bamboo, or palm leaves. Unlike conventional plastic or Styrofoam plates, compostable plates are designed to break down into organic matter when composted. They do not release harmful chemicals into the environment during decomposition.

Environmental Benefits:

Using Disposable small snack plates helps reduce plastic waste and minimizes the strain on landfills. As they break down naturally, compostable plates turn into nutrient-rich compost, enriching the soil and promoting plant growth. By choosing compostable plates, you contribute to the circular economy and support a more sustainable future.

Durability and Functionality:

Disposable small snack plates are not only eco-friendly but also practical for everyday use. They are strong, sturdy, and resistant to hot and cold temperatures. Whether you’re serving a salad or a hot meal, compostable plates can handle it all. Additionally, they are microwave-safe and oil-resistant, making them suitable for a wide range of culinary applications.

Composting Process:

To compost compostable plates effectively, follow these steps:

  1. Remove any leftover food particles.
  2. Cut the plates into smaller pieces to speed up the decomposition process.
  3. Add the plates to your compost bin or pile along with other organic waste.
  4. Monitor the compost pile’s moisture level and turn it regularly to ensure proper aeration.
  5. Within a few months, the compostable plates will transform into nutrient-rich compost, ready to be used in your garden.

Finding Quality Compostable Plates:

When purchasing compostable plates, look for certifications such as the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) or ASTM D6400. These certifications ensure that the products meet strict compostability standards. Additionally, choose plates made from renewable and sustainable resources to further enhance their eco-friendly qualities.


Compostable plates offer a sustainable solution for individuals and businesses seeking to reduce their environmental impact. By choosing these eco-friendly alternatives, you contribute to the conservation of natural resources and the reduction of plastic waste. Make a positive difference in the world by opting for compostable plates during your next gathering or event. Embrace sustainability and enjoy the convenience without compromising our planet’s well-being.

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions15 × 15 × 20 cm

100 Plates, 50 Plates

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