Disposable Medium Bowl – 15cm Round Deep


Why use paper or plastic plates or bowls when you can serve your food using our sustainable bowls? Our disposable medium bowls are sturdy, durable, and attractive. Made from areca leaves, they are eco-friendly and compostable. Perfect for many uses, from a scoop of freezing ice-cream to a bowl of hot chips. 

15cm Round Deep Bowl

Each box contains 100 bowls per box

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Premium quality disposable medium bowl, biodegradable, compostable areca leaf bowl | Eco friendly, 100% disposable plates for weddings, house parties, catering services| Naturally biodegradable

Order your areca leaf bowls for your party. Replace plastic plates and plastic cups.

Areca palm leaf plates are


Non toxic



Environmentally friendly

Suitable dinnerware for

House parties

Corporate events

Catering purposes

Each box contains 100 bowls per box



Planning a party involves numerous considerations, from the guest list to decorations and, of course, the dining essentials. At NaturalPanaa.com, we understand the importance of convenience and sustainability in hosting memorable events. That’s why we offer a diverse collection of disposable plates and cutlery that combine practicality with eco-consciousness. Let’s explore how our selection can enhance your next party experience.


Eco-Friendly Materials:

Our disposable medium bowl and cutlery are crafted from sustainable and biodegradable materials, such as bamboo and palm leaf. Unlike traditional plastic alternatives, these natural materials minimize harm to the environment. By choosing our products, you can confidently reduce waste while maintaining a visually appealing table setting.

Variety of Designs:

We believe that sustainability should never compromise style. That’s why our range includes a variety of designs that cater to diverse party themes and aesthetics. Whether you’re hosting an elegant dinner party, a casual backyard gathering, or a vibrant birthday celebration, our disposable plates and cutlery will complement the ambiance perfectly.

Sturdy and Reliable:

Don’t let the term “disposable” fool you; our plates and cutlery are designed to withstand the demands of any party. Crafted with durability in mind, they won’t buckle under the weight of your delicious culinary creations. You can trust that our products will provide a stable base for your guests’ meals without any unexpected mishaps.

Convenience at Your Fingertips:

One of the biggest advantages of disposable medium bowls and cutlery is the convenience they offer. With no washing up required, you can spend more time enjoying the party and less time on cleanup. Our range includes different sizes and configurations to accommodate all types of culinary creations, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both hosts and guests.

Environmentally Conscious Choice:

By opting for our disposable bowls and cutlery, you actively contribute to reducing the ecological footprint of your event. After use, our products can be composted or recycled, ensuring minimal impact on landfills. Embrace sustainability without compromising on quality or convenience.


Natural Panaa offers a wide selection of eco-friendly and convenient disposable bowls and cutlery for your upcoming party. With sustainable materials, stylish designs, and reliable performance, our products are the perfect choice to enhance your dining experience while minimizing environmental impact. Visit our website today to explore our range and make your next event a sustainable success!

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 16 × 31 × 31 cm

100 Bowls, 50 Bowls

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