How Australians celebrate their Christmas?

Melbourne Christmas

How Australians celebrate their Christmas?

Melbourne Christmas

Christmas was observed on December 25th of every year to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Mostly it will be held on mid-summer vacation. Australia has two climates on Christmas month where the northern hemisphere experience the mid of winter and the southern hemisphere experience the summer. Christmas is a public holiday and it is a religious festival celebrated by the majority of Christians and traditionally celebrated by some others.

During Christmas friends and relatives gather together to share their lovely wishes, greetings, and love. Exchange the gifts and celebrate the special day with special foods.

How they will spend the day:


People whore new dresses and reach church for prayer. Special prayer will be held in church for Christmas. Prayer helps to relieve their sadness and gives more positivity and refreshment helps to look on the bright side. After prayer gets overall share their love and joy with each other.


All neighbors, friends, family travel outdoor for the beach or a long drive to spend quality time with close ones. Australians celebrate their Christmas once they reached the beachhead there to play with waves, sand, sings together a dance to their favorite songs.


Aussie Drink beer at Christmas is one of their typical tradition. Not everyone will drink Half of Aussies in the age group of 20-29 will be the majority. Some used to drink their favorite alcohol to celebrate the festival.


Most of the Aussie eat seafood during especially prawns. Nearly a maximum of one thousand kilos of prawns will be sold within one or two days. Australians eat nearly 10-20 times more prawns compared to the whole year. They like to eat like a Bbq.

Carols by Candlelight:

Famous Christmas tradition in Australia. People gather in a big ground for the event range from huge gatherings to small communities. I\t has several events and some sports events too.

Traditional Match Day:

On December 26th Boxing test cricket starts every year after Christmas day. This match has a big hipe among Australians all international team touring to Australia to plat the cricket. Last year Australia won the test series. Mostly the ticket booking will open one or two months earlier and tickets will be sold once the counter is opened.

Yachting race:

It is a special race event it covers approximately 1100 km. One of the most significant sports event and most viewed in the world. It will also held after Christmas on 26 December.

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