Face Mask Australia


Face Mask Australia


COVID-19 has changed the world upside down due to its deadly nature. Even developing countries are struggling to stop the spread of the coronavirus among people. The corona cases are increasing day by day and death ratio is also increasing in the world. In this pandemic situation, the Australia government imposed a law to wear a face mask every day.


What is the use of Face Mask:

The face mask has been advised to wear all over the world. The face masks will stop the community spread of the coronavirus among people. If a person is infected from the coronavirus when they cough or sneeze, wearing a mask will help to prevent spreading a virus on to others.

Face mask help in protecting us from getting infected and as well as it helps in transforming the virus to others.



Where can people get Masks:

Due to the Covid-19 spread, the government has joined Face mask in the Essential Stuff list so that people can easily get that without searching for it. Face masks will be available in Pharmacy, chemists, departmental stores, and other shops as well. Before buying make sure the mask is wrapped well without any contact from dust etc.


Try to make cloth masks:

Normal masks cannot be used for so many days so try to make layered cloth masks from your home for your own use. After using cloth mask wash it with warm water dries it under sunlight. It helps to save money.


Proper ways to wear face mask:

A face mask should cover both our nose and mouth because the Coronavirus is a respiratory disease it will first affect our respiratory system. The mask should fit snug on the face and be secured by ties at the back of head on-ear loops.



Who should not wear a mask:

People who have a breathing problem, severe asthma patients, and children under age 2 are not advised to wear a Face mask. Those people should not step out from home and should avoid close contact from strangers.


How often should I wash reusable face mask and how:

A reusable face mask should be washed at least twice or thrice a week to kill the virus and clean dust with a soap powder in warm water.



Mask is mandatory in all cities of Australia to reduce the Covid-19 spread among people. People should also follow the rules of the government like wearing a face mask, maintaining social distancing of minimum 1.5 meters, proper hand wash for a minimum of 20 seconds in soap water, or using alcohol sanitizer. Let us protect ourselves to kill the virus from the world.


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