Ever green natural plates

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Ever green natural plates

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The plates are more essential in day-to-day life and many varieties available in the global market. Natural plates acquire the first position in that list. People are considering that as the best and perfect alternatives to the most dangerous plastic and other chemicals like polystyrene. These toxic products are contaminating precious landfills.

Moreover, they are incredibly strong, durable, and the stylish perfect choice for serving both hot and cold food in parties, celebrations, restaurants, picnics, etc. The great thing about using natural or eco-friendly plates, bowls, items is that no chemicals are used for making these products and this means that they are perfectly healthy for all users.  Eco-friendly biodegradable products are odorless, leakproof, not breakable, easily compostable, and available at an affordable cost.

If you are searching to shop for Natural or eco-friendly plates? Naturalpanaa manufacture and deliver a wide range of eco-friendly and natural products in and around Australia. Naturalpanaa will customize plates as per customer requirements and deliver the products to their doorstep on time. Naturalpanaa has a special process that enhances the overall quality of the end product. Our product range includes Natural, biodegradable, disposable, areca leaf disposable, birchwood cutlery, bamboo plates and cutlery, eco-friendly bowl. Our products will have unique looks and quality.

 Products we have


  1. 15centimeter Round & Square Flat Plates. 
  2. 18cm Round & Square plates.
  3. 25cm Round & Square plates.



  1. 08cm Deep Round Bowl.


Rectangle Tray:

  1. 23*15cm  & 25*15cm Deep.
  2. Flat tray 25*15cm.


Cutlery Dinnerware set:

  1. Spoon
  2. Knife
  3. Fork.

Bamboo plates & cutlery.

Bento/Compartment plate.

Dinner & Party pack.

Order and enjoy Australia Day with Natural and Eco-friendly plates.

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