Disposable party supplies tableware in NSW, Australia


Disposable party supplies tableware in NSW, Australia


Natural tableware made up of natural resource has a unique consumers who love to protect our environment from disasters. Natural plates use is increasing day by day and it is the best alternative for dangerous plastic plates. Tons and tons of single-use plastic party plates waste are collected every year and some are thrown into the ocean. The marine life is heavily affected due to the unfriendly behavior of humans. Plastic Products are the main cause of pollution around the world. Eco-friendly products reduced pollution levels gradually and maintaining a healthy atmosphere.




Single time plastic disposable plates are available in the market for very low cost and low quality. But its cause and effects will be more and more which we can’t even imagine some times chemicals in plastic may lead to death. Natural disposable plates are truly eco-friendly and good for the environment. Natural disposable party plates and packs are the best choice for special occasions, celebrations, parties, etc.




Eco-friendly disposables a sustainable alternative to Anti-environmental products. These products are designed for convenience and comfort for users. These products are biodegradable, disposable, compostable, and can be used as manure. Nowadays many restaurants, cafeteria, and party management firms are started using Natural tableware, Disposable dinner plates, Eco-friendly party plates, for their customers. Disposable dinner plates are made up of fallen areca leaf from the areca palm tree and bamboo. Areca leaf plate is disposable dinnerware is more convenient and has a great deal. The bamboo dinnerware set has a unique user for its durable nature.

If you’re looking for something like natural disposable or Disposable dinner plates to your eco-party in Australia! Natural panaa is offering an eco-friendly dinnerware set and serving ware made from natural resources. Natural Panna involved in the manufacturing and delivering of bioproducts by wholesale party supplies, Bulk disposable dinnerware, and retail of party supplies in NSW Australia. Every item is made from us are hygiene, strong, best quality, durable, microwavable etc,. By the way of promoting the bio-friendly products usage and Natural panaa is employing the people from rural area to stop unemployment in rural areas.


Natural panaa has a wide variety of Natural tableware products like

* Areca palm leaf plate (Square, circular, rectangular).

* Areca palm leaf bowl.

* Birchwood cutlery (spoon, fork, knife).

* Areca palm leaf tray.

* Bamboo dinnerware set.

* Dinner pack.

* party pack.

Make your party more special and memorable by using eco-friendly disposable party products. In Australia, Natural panaa receives online orders through www.naturalpanaa.com at an affordable price, and products are delivered directly to our address within the estimated time. We have a unique design and shapes with a special offer for your first bulk order. Start using natural products by avoiding harmful artificial products to save nature from detrimental effects. Give the nature to our future generation as it is we enjoyed and admired its beauty.

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