Buy now! Pay later using etika


Buy now! Pay later using etika


Online shopping has become a new trend perhaps people love to do window shopping from their house. To help your shopping financially etika help customer with their “Buy now! Pay later” scheme.


How it works:

    • etika does credit checks on all customers, as they believe in a responsible and fair approach to lending money.
    • etika helps their customers stay in control of their budget, with a choice of between weekly, fortnightly, or monthly repayments over eight weeks​.
    • etika charges no interest, account, or late fees. So no surprises.
    • etika’s merchant fees are fair too.


Minimum order value:

Customer one who chooses the Pay later option has to order a minimum order value of 30 products from Naturalpanaa.

Maximum days to pay:

This scheme gives you a maximum of 8 weeks to pay the money. Payment can be made daily, monthly and fortnightly as per customer convenience.

How to pay from etika:

    1. Visit the Naturalpanaa website.
    2. Select your products.
    3. Add the products to the cart. Ensure the minimum Quantity. 
    4. Choose etika as your payment method.
    5. You will be notified to pay the repayment amount (No hidden charges).


Order anything Now….. Payback Later. Experience the modern world of shopping.

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