Bento Plates and its History


Bento Plates and its History


When it comes to having nutritious food, it is always about having a balanced meal, which is of variety, and having comfortable cutlery to enjoy. Japanese are known for their health, happiness, and the way they conduct their lives through rigorous practices and techniques, which are widely admired by people. One of such things adapted from japan, which has become world-famous is the “Bento Plates” owing to their comfort, and style.

The word Bento typically translates to convenience. Bento plates are set of plates, where a typical Japanese would have their food which is portion-sized plates. Thus for each meal a person would use four to five plates and bowls on an average. From Japan, Bento Plates and boxes have traveled to other countries like Taiwan, Korea, and China. Over recent years, Bento Plates are much in vogue and are widely appreciated for their convenience, simplicity, and economical advantage. In a fast-paced life, people would like to pack their food, and later eat them leisurely.

Japanese way of life:

In the previous century, a study was conducted around the world by scientists to find out the people who live longer, healthier, and happier. It is found that the Japanese are one of the races, who have more centenarians. Not only they led a happy life, but also quite passionate about their walk of life too. They are hard workers and believe to have a proper system in all aspects of life. The systems of Ikigai, Six Sigma, 5S Kaizen method of organizing, Konmari method of cleaning gained wider acceptance by people across the world. Bento Plates play an important role, where they use multiple plates for dining, where each plate is dedicated to a food ingredient. Thus many people across the globe adapt and gain an advantage by the Japanese way of life, and especially their growth after World War.


What are Bento Plates?

Bento plates are typically Japanese cutlery, where the tradition of eating in the Bento Plates has been carried on for generations. It is also used for portion control, where the Japanese would have three to five courses of the meal, consisting of portions of rice, plums, pickles, sweets, sushi, vegetables, fish, meat, and noodles. Many of the plates are also carved or decorated with images of flowers and are often the bearers of the rich heritage of Asian culture.



History of Bento plates:

The origin of Bento Plates is traced back to the 12th century AD. It gained popularity during the 16th Century where a lot of travelers used it for convenience. The cooked food is placed in plates or boxes and is wrapped with bamboo leaves. Later, it has become a tradition to eat dishes from bento plates during festivals, and other prominent celebrations.

During the reign of the Taisho period of the early 20th Century, aluminum plates and boxes were introduced. Generally, children from affluent families would bring lunches made from exquisite foods, and rich boxes. This was replaced later after the world war, by uniforms, and supplying food from schools for teachers and students to bring uniformity and equality. During the 1980s, they gained more popularity, where people typically packed their foods and heat them in a microwave, which is quick and convenient.


Types of Bento Plates:

Bento Plates come in many shapes, compartments, and usages, like single usage, multiple time usable, and some may be used for decorations too. They can be wooden, metal, and disposable. Japanese are known for their aesthetics, where the food in the Bento Plates is arranged as different characters like Anime, Manga, or any other character from the Video Game called “kyaraben”. “Oekakiben” or “Picture Bento” is arranged with the inspirations of people, animals, and buildings. Many of the ready-to-eat Bento Plates are carefully loaded with nutrients and are available near railway stations, airports, and bus stands.

Advantages of having eco-friendly Bento Plates:

The entire range of Bento dinnerware sets and the cutlery set would consist of separate plates for their main and side dishes. Cups, and bowls for soups and gravies, along with spoons and chopsticks. It is highly important to move to plats and cutleries which are highly eco-friendly and cause no harm to the environment.


Why NaturalPanna?

When it comes to the optimum range of eco-friendly cutlery, it is always NaturalPanna, where they produce Eco-friendly dinnerware sets, natural plates, and Eco-friendly plates along with the entire range of cutleries. They are driven by the idea that the cutlery sets should be bio-degradable, compostable, robust, chemical-free, and safe.


   A happy life starts from good health, where there should be concerns about preserving the health of this mother earth too. Thus, it must be a duty of everyone that, all the products which are used to cook and serve should also be eco-friendly to cause minimum damage to the Earth. Adapting to convenient, healthier conscious living should be highly essential in this era of fast-based life.

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